How to book a 1:1 strategy session?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

Let's say you are completely setup and going but you are having little success with the platform or with marketing the down payment registry concept. 

Book a 1:1 strategy session to see how we can get more business for your mortgage business using down payment registries.

Click on

  and find Partner Strategy session and select a time.

  We'll probably reach out ahead of time or via email to make sure we are prepared for what you need to be successful.

Don't be concerned about funds for ad spend or giveaways campaigns, we have strategies that will accelerate adoption at whatever stage you are.

Maybe a real estate agent phone call campaign.... maybe an agent webinar... 

   maybe a series of videos for your socials.  There are lots of ways to promote it.  People will be glad to hear from you 'cause your a not promoting the mortgage itself.  You are actually helping people.   It's a big difference.


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