FEATURED: Active Registries - View Contributions


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

From the Active Registries View - click on the View Contributions "payment card icon" menu and you'll be brought to a page to view the actual contributions collected via the application.

Registry Contributions

Displays a table view of the contributions.  

Date, Contributor, Amount and Total Amount

Memo or comments may appear if the Contributor left a note.  These appear in white italics.  Please note that they italics are not included in the total.

The View Contributions view permits the Partner to add a Manual Contribution with a date, amount and description.    

For example, let's say that the Client indicates that their parents committed or already gave them $3,000.00 towards the down payment.   You could immediately drop that Manual Contribution in the App to track their progress.  If the donor or client comes along later and inputs a Pledge from the Public Registry page, you can delete this Manual Contribution to keep the totals accurate.  

Click on the red Delete button to remove a manual contribution.

Click on the Download in Excel Format to pull the contributions in XLSX format.  This the same export function and as in Registry Statistics - Contribution Details tab.

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Use Case: if a client wins a giveaway track that in Manual Contributions.

Use Case:  track Partner rebates based on goal or max rebate.

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