What happens to my Registries if I cancel my subscription?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

You retain access to the platform and to existing registries until those registries complete.

Your partner directory entry is removed.

Your landing page and sign up links are removed.

Suspended Accounts

  We designed the accounts to include a Suspense status to address these concerns.

  If you subscribe and let your subscription lapse, the existing Registries created in your account will continue to function.  You will be able to login and do everything except create a new registry.

Example:   Let's say I have an annual subscription and for whatever reason, I can't renew.  In the 12th month a user creates a registry and starts to fund raise.  What happens?  Do I lose access to them?   Do they get reassigned?    

    No, you will retain access to the platform in Suspense mode.  You can do everything to assist that new registry app but you can't create new Registries.   

Marketing resources like the Partner directory, landing pages and start link are removed (suspended).

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