Can we share an account as a lending Team?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

Yes, no problem.  Using a single account for a Lending Team is not a problem.  

However, there is only one Co-Branding slot on the dashboard. your client's will see:

  The ABC Lending Team

  Group Photo Shot if available

  Email should be team alias, the origination LO or Team lead.

Sharing the user login is a concern.  Password security is a concern as we will be adding 2FA - Two Factor Authentication to protect consumer data and your account logins.   2FA makes sharing a login cumbersome.

We recommend having one or two point person with login access.  Secure Password managers can be a best practice vs the old-school spreadsheet of passwords.

See Also:  Best Practice:  Setting Up a Team Sharing One-Account

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