Do we get future updates to the app?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

Do we get future update to the app?   What is included in our plan or plan level?

Yes, Partners will receive ALL updates to the SaaS Registry app, Partner Dashboard and all features and functions added to this version and the future versions.

The plan includes unlimited Registries in the Partner Dashboard.

The plan includes 1 User login; also referred to as 1 seat.

Our goal is to provide the base platform at a very reasonable cost such that there is little reason a mortgage lender would not participate.  Our mission is to help 500,000 home buyers a year by 2030 and we need as many lenders on board as possible.   Our business model is designed to make money at scale by helping run effective campaigns for our Partner lenders in their various geographies.

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Future Plans - Marketing 

Future plans may include marketing programs and Agency style marketing features.  These programs are NOT included unless specifically mentioned in the plan as bonus features.   These features may use a third-party license with additional expense or may be a productized service that requires human management to delivery the services.  These features that add additional, recurring expense including Agency Style marketing efforts are NOT included in the default SaaS plans.

API Developer Access

Developer API access will be included with all plans at no additional cost.  Features of this REST API will include Add Registry and callback at certain stages or events to enable integration with other marketing automation platforms.  

Zapier or integration tool access will be included with all plans at no additional cost.

Enterprise plans

Future enterprise plans with user and sub-user management are not included in the base Partner plans.  For example, providing one login to an Enterprise or Lending Division where they can add/remove Loan Officers or Branches to their plan.  

Agency plans

We also plan to collaborate with other marketing agencies that service mortgage companies.  In the process, we may introduce Agency access features to the Partner dashboard.  These advanced features, like the Enterprise user/sub-user features are NOT expected to be included in the base Partner Dashboard plans.

Advanced Agency user features are not necessary to work with an Agency to market the Registries!   

Custom branding, Branding Removal and White-label

  Custom Branding, Branding Removal and enterprise White-label features such as custom domains and custom marketing pages are not included in the base Partner plans.

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