Best Practice: Have a call to reconcile pledges and send reminders


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

Pledges are note collected through the platform.  Sometime is can be confusing to reconcile Pledges and actual funds received, especially for wedding couples.

This is very helpful if the client is getting a lot of Pledges through the registry, Pledges for offline transactions.   We want to mark these as paid and get a firm number for amount of down payment available.

Best Practice:  hold a call with one or both clients to reconcile Pledges received

It is best to hold this call after the wedding or close to the end of a Registry.  It's assumed that wedding gifts will be received before, during and after a wedding but opened after the event.  For example, a card may be received before the event or at the wedding itself, but not opened until later regardless.   So it's best to have this call to reconcile Pledges and send reminders after the event.

Reminder emails are sent manually at the initial launch of the platform.   Support can make sure these reminders are sent properly.

Future feature: We are looking at sending reminders for Pledges at the event date or registry target date approaches.

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