Does produce or have donors fill a 'gift letter'?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

No, not at the initial launch.  This is something we are looking at providing in the future, based on mortgage partner feedback.

The Freddie Mac guidelines do not require gift letters for wedding gifts.  Gift letters in Agency and FHA guidelines would generally be applicable to eligible gifts from family or eligible parties.  

We understand in some cases that underwriting may request gift letters, especially for large amounts.   We are looking for feedback as to if this suggestion makes sense to implement and how to implement it.   Requiring all donors to e-sign a gift letter could be confusion and reduce the effectiveness of the registry at our overall goal of helping the home buyers to raise a down payment.

Partners do have access to the Pledge and Contribution history, including exporting to XLSX, which may be a format useful for Underwriting. 

It is noted that gift letters are only relevant for sourcing deposits inside of 60-days, where seasoning of funds does not meet guidelines.

One idea is to send a gift letter to e-sign after the donation is complete.  This would be sent donations exceeding a certain size.

We are also looking at exporting a Pledge and Contribution statement in PDF, complete with headers and footers and dates.

Please reach out if you have feedback on the 'gift letter' suggestion.

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