Is CCPA complaint?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

Yes, we are compliant with CCPA.  

Read on and we will detail our

Delete Data , Right to be Forgotten page

Do Not Sell My Personal Information page.

Limitations of Opt Out as is relates to financial transaction services we provide and our Terms of Service

Please note, the CCPA does not apply to and Andover Labs LLC.   The CCPA only applies to a business that 1. Has annual gross revenue in excess of $25 million; 2. Annually buys, receives for commercial purposes, sells, or shares for commercial purposes personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, households, or devices; or 3. Derives 50% or more of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information.  We do not check box 2 and 3 and we do not yet have revenues of $25million.

The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect in 2020 and we support CCPA compliance with our websites and applications.  We are physically located in California.  We adopted the CCPA standard nationwide, service wide, not just for California residents. 


Privacy Policy

Terms of Service 

Platform Subscription Terms of Service

Cookie Disclosures

Opt-Out:  Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Delete Data: Right to be Forgotten

We provide financial transaction services to home buyers to raise a down payment. Those services are provided at ZERO cost to the consumer. We make money by selling a Saas/Software platform and marketing services to mortgage lenders to offer a down payment registry to their clients and prospective clients.

We DO NOT sell consumers' personal information. We DO NOT sell the registry donor/guest personal information. We DO NOT sell the partner information.

How our service works:

When a consumer signs up for the registry application, according to our subscription terms of service, they are paired with the mortgage partner that referred them to  The consumer's contact information is shared with the mortgage partner ('sponsor') through our platform dashboard after the account is created and our Terms of Service are agreed to.

If a consumer signs up at without a referral link from a mortgage partner, the consumer may be assigned a mortgage partner to sponsor the registry.  This matching is done algorithmically, weighted by geographic location.

The consumer may request a different lender partner to sponsor their registry.

The consumer is not obligated to buy a house at the conclusion of their registry.  

The consumer is not obligated to use the mortgage partner sponsoring their registry to obtain their future financing.

A consumer may fill our Do Not Sell My Personal Information form before signup and before agreeing to the Terms of Service.  In this case, they will not be paired with a mortgage partner in the platform and the platform name itself will appear in the dashboard where the mortgage partner information would normally appear.   The consumer will be ineligible to receive a rebate of transaction fees via a lender closing cost credit at the close of their home purchase.

A consumer may fill our Delete Data form - per the CCPA right to be forgotten.  

Exceptions:  However, due to how our service works and agreements with service providers including transaction providers like Stripe.  If a consumer created an account, linked to Stripe and collected a donation, they may be ineligible to close and delete the registry account immediately due to Fraud and Banking rules.    (For example:  if a consumer received a fraudulent charge, subject to chargeback, the account may not be deleted or disassociated until the time required by those agreements.).  

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