Do you support Webhooks or Zapier?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

Do you support webhooks or Zapier for exchanging signup data to our CRM or email service provider (ESP)?

For example, when a couple signs up on the site with our link:  can we have their contact data put in our CRM or Email account to track followup?

No, not at launch.  ..But this will be supported in the Base plans in a future release!

We plan to release a Developer API and subsequently Zapier no-code support.

Work Arounds:

Add launch, if you need Zapier integration, reach out to support.

we don't support self-service configuration of webhooks and do not natively support Zapier, however, we can setup this individually, 1:1.

  Reach out to support with your use case and which apps or Zaps you need.

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