What are the three different Help desk portals?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 8 months ago

We have three different help desk sections to maintain articles relevant to the user:

1) Client - Home Buyer 

 The help articles viewable to Clients, Home Buyers, appears on the main website and linked from the Registry App when logged in as a client.    It's accessible at https://help.downpayment.gift/

The Question Mark icon "?" in the upper right header bar also is a shortcut to the Client/Buyer Help site.

2) Donor - Guest

When a registry guest, donor or contributor is at the public registry page and NOT logged in as a User, neither a Partner or User, they will have access to a Donor - Guest help desk that is aimed as answering questions about security and who we are.  Aimed a supporting the trust needed to contribute with confidence.

3) Partners 

When a partner is logged into the Registry App, viewing the Partner Dashboard, they will have access to a help desk, knowledgebase, that is focused on their needs to support their clients in the app, market the app, and other partner related use cases.   This knowledgebase is also viewable from the Partner sales pages at get.downpayment.gift and marketing website downpaymentproject.com.   You can find that here, https://kb.downpayment.gift/.

I've seen a couple FAQ only pages too.  What are they?

There are a couple other FAQ resources outside the website FAQs.  

There is a client FAQ that is "pre-signup" focused. It appears on the Client focused signup pages at go.downpayment.gift and start.downpayment.gift.  

There is a partner FAQ that is "pre-signup" focused as well.  It appears on the Partner focused signup pages at get.downpayment.gift.


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