What is the name DownPaymentProject? Why the second brand?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

DownPaymentProject is a website, brand name created to have a separate marketing website and social media brand and social media profiles targeted at Partners of downpayment.gift.  

The target audience of DownPaymentProject is primary mortgage lenders, brokers, loan officers and branch managers.

We realized that the messaging needed to be different from that of downpayment.gift, the client facing registry application.   To avoid confusion we created a separate website and social media brand.

We wanted to avoid confusion in messaging if our prospects searched for downpayment.gift to find their wedding downpayment registry and stumbled on a bunch of content targeting mortgage brokers.  

Some marketplace business models have just the one brand name.  For example, AirBNB has one brand for Hosts and Guests.  There is no hiding the fact that Guests are renting from Hosts via the AirBNB platform, so you no problem to have messaging coming from AirBNB targeting both audiences... in fact, a Guest may also become a Host.  It is unlikely that a Client buyer of downpayment.gift will suddenly become a Partner as a mortgage lender.

We chose the name DownPaymentProject because we liked the mission oriented nature of appending Project to DownPayment.   Similarly, we could use ProjectDownPayment as a mix on words for the podcast.

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