We are already approved with CMG Financial and their homefundit program... do we need this?


By Loren Winzeler

updated 6 months ago

We are already approved with CMG Financial and their HomeFundIt

Do we really need downpayment.gift?

Are you actively promoting and having success with the CMG registry program?  If yes, then probably not. 

If you are not seeing additional buyers, why?  Are you promoting it or is it too inflexible to meet your needs and help prospective clients?

If homefundit grows and becomes successful at the same time as downpayment.gift, it all feeds the mission behind DownPaymentProject.   In other words... a rising tide raises all ships.   We believe that multiple registries must exist and can grow to promote the goals around homeownership.

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homefundit is only available to brokers or lenders working with CMG Financial...?  correct?  

What other differences are there...?

  downpayment.gift  vs homefundit

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